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Meet the team that is behind this initiative!

/ Who are we?

Our organising team is made up of enthusiastic volunteers who are dedicated to the cause of creating opportunities for the youth to get to know the field of computer science. Many organsiers are tutoring students or are taking part in talent development as a hobby beside their career in computer science.
We believe that today's mainstream methods of education are not suitable for portraying computer science as an interesting and fun field, which is why we want to use our decades of experience in teaching to popularize new ways of approaching informatics.
This challenge is one step in that direction. Our contestants will experience that the problems that arise in the life of a programmer can be fun and enjoyable.

Agoston Weisz

Main Event Organiser

Nora Szoke

Main Event Organiser and Back-End Developer

Kornel Szabo

Main Event Organiser and Front-End Developer

Zsombor Horvath

Backend Developer

Will Pinkerton

Event Organiser

Jeriel Chua

Leader of Team Singapore

Woo Jia Hao

Member of Team Singapore

Chen Jia Wei

Member of Team Singapore

Chen Guan Zhou

Member of Team Singapore

Alvin Jiang

Member of Team Singapore

Ellie Vitanova

Event Organiser

Rokas Urbonas

Team Lead for Lithuania